Overseas orders



You in accordance with fees from Turkey can order wedding ceremony invitation.


• We can get commenced with the aid of notifying us of your preferred invitation sample and range from WhatsApp (+90 533 488 57 51).

• Do no longer hesitate to contact us at any time, we will attempt to respond to you as rapidly as we are available.

• We will supply you designated information about the product price, delivery fees and transport time.

• When you determine to order, please send us the data you prefer to be despatched to us with the phrase file (bilgi@aleynadavetiye.com).

• We will sketch and send it to you and we will make corrections if there is any. Products will be printed after your graph approval and payment.

• We can plan and print invitations in any language.



• Shipping costs for remote places orders belong to the customer.

• With worldwide widespread cargo, we ship your orders up to 30 kg rapidly and safely to a hundred and ten international locations in the world.

• We ship cargo from Turkey at the state-of-the-art (3) days after being shipped to the us of a of destination and time of arrival delivered via the postal administrations of transport requirements might also vary.

• Courier charging varies by USA and parcel quantity / kg and you can contact us for delivery fees and delivery times. For example;

ü  10 kg carton to Germany 50 euro 

ü  10 kg carton to Saudi Arabia 100 dollars




·         You can make payments with your credit card in the following currencies.

·         We accept payment in EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, CHF, NOK.




·         You may have to pay customs duty when the invitations reach your country.

·         We advise you to inquire about the customs tax rates of your country before purchasing the product.

·         You can check the customs tax rates applied by the countries in the European Union via the link below.



·         You can check the customs tax rates applied by countries other than European Union via the link below.




  Wedding Invitation Product Code: 490900



·         If you are selling invitations in your own country we would recommend you to check our invitation models and prices on our site.

·         We are one of the biggest sellers in Turkey and invitations can buy wholesale from us as models of quality invitations for the most affordable price.

·         An average of 1600 wedding invitation cards are available on our site.

·         We can send you free of charge from all our invitation models on our site.

·         We can send you a catalog with your first order.

Please feel free to contact us for your wholesale wedding invitation orders. We look forward to contacting you.


We can arrange an appointment for you from our English, Russian, Arabic interpreter at a pre-determined time and date,

whatsapp via voice or video chat, we can answer all the problems you have in mind.

Whatsapp: +90 533 488 57 51